Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This poem is about me!

I asked Susan if I could post her email I just read. I am not of service to get, I give to give, but when I get something like this I am so moved.

You made my day Susan. I love you.

p.s. Now get back to writing:-)

From: susan alvarez [mailto:suzeque321@bresnan.net]
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 12:11 AM
To: Linda Jeffers
Subject: One a day!

Hi Linda! I am so envious of my sis' who get to be with you. I miss you lots

and in case I haven't said it often enough...I love you! You give and have

given me so much more than I could have ever wished or dreamed of...you help

me keep my self from running naked down the street (with my hair on fire and

out of the "bin"). Everyday I watch and learn something new. You are my

treasure! I was born an only child so every once in a while I don't want to

share you. Today's topis at my meeting was selfish and self-centered. I

picked the topic. But I fell out of myself pretty quickly today. So here's

your poem for the day.


I am so glad to feel a part of your part

Don't know where that is, but it's a good place to start

Talking to you is like melting my soul

I can see all the lines and all of the holes

You fill up my heart and God takes me away

He then brings me back and I get to play

I'm happy and free and dressed up to dance

I willing to be and just take the chance

I'm brave and I'm strong and I know the way

I see little bread crumbs left every day

God leads me to water and I take a big drink

My mind wanders onward without me I think

I don't pay attention to thoughts in my head

they tell me I'm worthless and I should be dead

I silence the demons and put them in place

They're snarling and angry with shit on their face

It's all an illusion a disease of the self

You've brought me the courage to climb down from the shelf

I wish to pay forward and give it away

My soul seeks the answers each moment each day

I have thoughts to offer of God and His plan plan

My mind wanders onward when I take a stand

I do love this journey where ever it leads

Love is the answer it fills all my needs

It takes but a moment to walk out of the self

It's here in the moment that I wish to dwell

Where I am just happy to be so alive

There is a solution and how I do thrive

So I need to thank you for just being you

You're calming and brilliant and I like the view

So here's to the heartbeat that my soul does claim

One thing's for sure, I am not the same!

Love,love, joy,joy. happy, happy, Linda, Linda, bye,bye. Talk manana!


Susan Lowery said...

I love this !!!



Katya said...

Wow what a change in her writing, I loved this too.