Monday, August 17, 2009

Some insight into what occupies my time up here in the cabin while acclimating.

Since I purchased VZAccess ($59 a month!), which affords me internet access on my computer, I now have internet in the cabin. There are about 8 photographers' blogs I normally follow and I continue following them up here. (I also get out and shoot too.)

So.....I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what I read this morning.
When you have time, if you want to read about a special salesman named Derrick and see a very motivational video of him video taped by Zach Aris, read Zach's photographer's blog. Start your reading with Zach's blog entry dated Aug 12th and then continue reading two more blogs about Derrick, dated the 13th and 14th.
Zach continues to be inspirational ever since I first became aware of Zach when he posted a Wednesday guest blog video on Scott Kelby's blog 6 months ago. (If you haven't seen this video of Zach's on Scott's site, this is a must see.

Then, I converted some video of the birds around our cabin.


Katya said...

Wow, all those birds...I could watch them for hours! What kind of birds are those blue birds? The cabin looks great, and the view amazing!
Kisses to you and Ray.

Janet said...

Just beautiful, Linda! Looks so quiet and pleasant and peaceful. . .

gottago said...

Thanks Katya and Janet. It is peaceful and Ray and I are really enjoying doing very little. The less I do, the more I enjoy myself!

It's nice knowing you are following my blog 'cause I keep thinking, "I've gotta get a good blog photo, one that is even better than the previous bird shots."