Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday - 1st day in Cabin 18 at Wood's Lodge in Mammoth.

Ray and I finally left home for Mammoth at 8:40am. We arrived in Mammoth around 4:15pm. We'd have arrived in Mammoth sooner but Ray had to stretch his legs in Bishop (my eyes are looking upward in that - yeah right- look) ...and since we were in Bishop why not stop and visit Wilson's Sporting Goods. I had a first in Wilson's. I spent nada. Wilson's is a slip store for me (and Ray apparently....he bought something). It's a bitch when you have everything a store sells and don't need anything. You see I've been directed to ask myself, "Do I need "it" or do I want "it"?

After a small food market stop, we checked in to one of our favorite cabins here at Wood's Lodge, cabin #18. We have never stayed in cabin 19, but have eyed it with envy over the years. This year, our third week in Mammoth we'll move from cabin #18 and stay the last week in cabin #19. Normally these better location cabins are not available as families or families of family members have been renting the same cabins each summer for over 50 years. We decided late to try and get a cabin. We got lucky as people must have canceled.

I quickly shot off some photos with my small Canon Powershot A 650 just before the sun set and right after I'd put out some bird seed. The feeding frenzy took place seconds after I emptied some seed into an outside bird feeder tray on the porch of the cabin.


Katya said...

I love birds! Thanks for sharing these photos and have a great time. You'll both be missed.


Your photos are magical. I especially love the third one. Have an awesome time... I know yo will.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds! Enjoy the cabin and Mammoth!

lamont said...

gottalove the direction "need vs. want"... especially when you find so many have had to cancel. Have a great trip (maybe the birds don't "need" as much bird food!)

gottago said...

LR, I "need" a vacation at Wood's Lodge feeding birds, looking at birds, photographing birds, talking to the birds. Wanna join us? L, LJ

pcthiker said...

What kind of birds? They look like magic birds. Beautiful photography. Your gift of being a photographer is becoming a gift for others. Have a great time.

gottago said...

Hi JJ,

The birds are Eastern Sierra Stellar Jays, also known as Blue Jays.

Thanks always for your kind words.

Love, Gottago