Sunday, August 2, 2009

Susan is back.

She's back!
Another poem.
By Susan Alvarez
copyright 2009

I give Susan a subject and she just delivers.

"What a difference a day makes."

Days they come and days they go
some seem fast and some seem slow
I spend my time just being here
I don't engage in thoughts unclear

There are those times when I can't bear
my life unraveled and unaware
It's then I reach inside myself
and take that girl down from the shelf

She's kind and easy and looks just like me
I ask what she wants, she just wants to be free
To live her life without regrets
With lots of love and plenty of zest

Inside my soul resides my self
it's time I took me off the shelf
I wish to listen to my stillness of heart
It is the only place that I can start

I have a wish to write and give
It's time to smile, to wake and live
I no longer sit upon my hands
I've reached the mirror, I have a plan

To those I love who love me back
I say one thing hold on to your ass
This girls awake, this woman alive
One things for sure I can survive

What a difference a day makes..

And now here is my attempt at being creative - A section of bark on a eucalyptus tree by Linda. I'm trying to see triangles for my 4th online photo class.

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