Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It begins.

I don't keep a blog on my Adventure website One of the albums on my website, in the photo gallery, is a Daily Album. This album contains daily photos and brief comments about the photo. But I don't keep a journal for public viewing.

I like to know what my friends are up to....what their day was like....what they have been thinking about. So I thought I'd try keeping a journal for my friends. I'm going to try to write without much editing. Nothing about this journal will be profound. My writing will be pretty much recording my day/some thoughts.

Here's something I read the other night that immediately rang true for where I am in my life lately:
"For just so long as we are convinced that we could live by our own individual strength and intelligence, for just that long was a working faith in a Human Power impossible." p. 72 12x12.