Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photos of today's hour hike around Lake Mamie may be viewed.....

I've posted the photos of today's hike shots taken with my little Canon Powershot A 650 over on Smugmug.

And, here are a few more photos of early morning shots just after I put out the first feeding of bird seed.

I forgot to post this:

9:16 am Tuesday, August 18th.
Ray just said while sitting in his lounge chair drinking his morning coffee, before his breakfast has been served, and after putting down the book he is reading: “I was just sitting here thinking, I don’t have any resentments against you. Isn’t that marvelous?”
I liked hearing that. This is a miracle. Ray just said that the only resentment he has is getting old. I understand and agree.


lamont said...

what's this about "1st feeding". Possibly the birds should get the "need vs. want" talk. Also you never know...1 of those guys might have a food sponsor to whom they report their bird food intake. That sponsor is referring to you as the "enabler".

gottago said...

I guess we "need" to feed the birds, as opposed to "want" to. Why you ask? Well this statement supports my "need" to pay for 8lbs of bird seed every 4 days.

And, my birds are not fat. They don't have to report their food intake to anyone. Therefore, I am a kind sole, a supporter (of freedom from fear, of not finding food), not an enabler.