Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An a.m. walk around the golf course photo.

My photography teacher, Carol Leigh, posted a photo she took of a boy on the beach on her blog dated July 31, 2009. If you follow the link and read what she wrote, you'll see what bothers me with this kinda cool photo below.

In my photo below, I wish I'd changed the angle of capture so that the cactus (see blog amendment below to correct succulent name to agave, not cactus) point on the right didn't blend in with the dark background. Another thing I noticed when I zoomed in is that the front left cactus point isn't in focus and that is where I intended the focus to be rather than where it is on the right rear point.

Hey, I'm happy I notice such things lately.

Another student of Carol Leigh's, Lori, has a wonderful portfolio of cactus photos on her site. I thought of Lori this morning and wished I could have picked her brain on how to shoot this shot.

And I just have to post this way too funny photo of Connie's mode of transportation these days.

Connie driving Tony to her car, 20 yards away, following the woman's meeting last night.

Blog entry amended 8/16/09.
I received an email from a friend who helped me see that what I had photographed was not a cactus. I was told.."you called your agaves "cactus"... grrrrrr...... they're both succulents, but agaves aren't cactus, and vice versa! Grrrrr...... you know how protective I am of my agaves, so be careful not to besmirch their reputation! >;-}"

I apologize and stand corrected!


Katya said...

Connie cracks me up! I can't wait to see what God has in store for her......I love being in this family. Thank you Linda for always teaching us principles before personalities and focusing on the common good of the group - not the individual.....without these and more, we wouldn't all be able to stay, love and grow with each other.

gottago said...

Thanks for your kind words Katya.
I'm soooooo tired. You must be too.