Monday, August 24, 2009

A day or two away from using my new blog host, WordPress.

(All of these blog posts have already been imported into WordPress)

I'm having a few techy problems.

First I'm having difficulty with a good internet stream using the VZAccess adapter I have which makes it almost impossible to upload photos right now for some reason.

Second, I am real close to having all 3 of my sites: Gottago's Adventure Site, my blog, and Smugmug, all linked on one home Front Webpage. As soon as this happens, maybe in a day or two, I will post the url address. I believe will be the address you will use to access this new site. Right now www.lindajeffers is in cyberspace not linked to anything. This web domain name ( is in the process of being transferred from my old web host server to a new web host server - Erik (the gentleman who is building the insides and outsides for the connected new look and works on my sites).

And now on the brighter side of things................
Guess who came for breakfast this morning, a wee bit earlier than yesterday morning, and a lot more visible and he even stayed for a longer visit.

I got such a high from Mr. Bear's visit I could not hold my camera steady, I used the video vertically rather than horizontally, I asked Ray to use my small camera to get shots of the bear but he said, "You're using the small camera!" Oops. I switched from video on the small camera to photo taking, took a photo through the glass door with the flash on. I made a mess. I certainly lost my cool. Needless to say I didn't get any great shots. But you can see that it's a bear.

I tried opening the door to get to get a shot without glass in front of the bear. The bear eating out of the birdfeeder, noticed the second I opened the sliding glass door just a bit. I stopped opening the door, mind you the bear is less than 3 feet away from me, until the bear starting eating the seed again. Each time I quietly slide the door open an inch the bear stopped eating and looked directly at me. He was afraid of me.

Ray, quietly seated 2 feet from me at the door (probably he was standing in front of his seat) must have thought I was crazy. But he didn't say anything. Finally the bear had enough of me trying to capture a good bear photo and split....down the tree, faster than I could have ever imagined he could have gotten down. I ran out on the wet porch with Ray but the bear was walking away and I lost my opportunity to get a good bear photo.

But I have proof there was a bear coming for breakfast. He was a half an hour later than yesterday morning. Now that I know he is making this visit a regular practice I will make sure I have my large and small cameras ready for that one great bear capture.

This is the shot I took through the glass door with my flash on.

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Joanna said...

How exciting! Mr. Bear is cute.