Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A quick hello.

I've really been trying to be good spending money. Really LR. So I wasn't happy to see an unknown orange light come on while driving Monday night. I was happy to see the light quickly go away though. I hoped that the light coming on was a fluke.

Yesterday, the light came on again. I couldn't find the book that came with the car to explain what this orange light coming on was all about. Ray found the book and told me it was related to my brakes. Great, cause I was driving to Upland at 5pm. I called the Mercedes mechanic(my car is out of warranty). I was told that once the warning brake light starts to appear I could drive another 100 to 150 miles without a concern, especially since I would be driving on the freeway, not starting and stopping a lot.

Because later last night I'd have 4 other passengers in the car while driving to Upland (1.3 hour drive), Ray let me take his car.

Today I took my car to the Mercedes mechanic. That visit cost me $1050.00.

So much for trying to keep my expenses down.

At the meeting tonight, I quickly shot off a photo of Ray and the two newest ladies in my life.

Cynthia, Ray and Connie at the JTBP meeting in Rancho Mirage.

In to LA tomorrow with Ray, Paula and Connie and then Friday Ray and I pack up for Mammoth and our stay at Wood's Lodge above Lake Mary.

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lamont said...

Its a Mercedes plot!