Friday, August 21, 2009

Insistent little buggers.

Each day this guys get more and more insistent about wanting their food when they want it. Well actually, I get that. It's just that if we don't slide the screen door shut completely they have learned how to use their little hands to slide open the screen door. I guess it doesn't help that I leave the bag of bird seed, within their vision, next to the screen door. Soon I will post a video of their "It's time to eat" behavior.

Ray and I hiked up the Mammoth Crest trail today. I've posted photos on I was putting captions under the photos when the Smugmug site went down for their routine weekly maintenance. The site will be up after midnight tonight.

Here is a silly photo of Ray at the top of our hike today. The lighting on the photo didn't turn out so I put a solarizing filter on Ray's photo because I like his expression. He probably won't be happy with me.

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Joanna said...

I like it, love the smile!