Friday, August 14, 2009


Today is the day we were supposed to get the condo ready to be left while away in Mammoth. HA. Instead it was another day where the day dictates my choices rather than I following my schedule.

It's 7:31pm. I'm exhausted. Ray is exhausted. This morning Ray and I went over to Axis House to 12 step a sponsee of Ray's. That was emotionally draining. Next we spent time figuring out what to do with the Thursday night meeting and the concerns brought to our attention by Diane, the secretary of the Church. Last Thursday members brought children to the meeting and Diane commented on the fact that the children were unattended, disruptive and threw rocks around. She also mentioned we are allowing too many members to attend the meeting. Fire regulations states a max of 120 people are allowed in the room. We had 160!

We've known for a long time we had to find a larger facility. Our rent is so reasonable compared to going rents at other facilities. Now we have to look for another place. We also have to limit the number of chairs that will be set up for next week's meeting. Anyone not seated will have to leave the room. Oh, people are going to be very unhappy. The timing for this awkward change is unfortunate. I wish Ray and I could be there.

Quincy has volunteered to look for other facilities. She found one today already but the rent for one week is more than what we pay for an entire month. Alima has offered to help in her ways and so has Katya who will stand outside the meeting next Thursday and help those who won't be allowed to stay find other local meetings.

Change. I don't like change. Our meeting has changed. We need to change. We will change but I'm in fear and not trusting a change will be for the good of the meeting as I have known it the last 22 years. Ray has gone to this meeting 10 years longer than I have.

To be continued........ I need to get to packing up for Mammoth. I'll think about the Thursday Night meeting tomorrow, or the next day, or.........

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