Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wanna see some practice photos I uploaded to Flickr.com tonight?

Happy New Year!

It has taken me all day long to get here to say Happy New Year. I made it by 20 minutes though.

Today was all about working on Ray's 30th Birthday Book, watching movies and practicing taking photos in the late afternoon light. I have no idea whether I take a good photo or a shitty photo. But I'll learn soon, because I just signed up online with the new Yahoo Photo Class Group yesterday which is starting January 11th. There will be lots of constructive criticism. We will get 6 assignments over the next 2 months. The first assignment is Complementary Colors. Good thing I'm going to the Bahamas as I'm sure I'll find lots of complementary colors there.

I'm going to buy an underwater camera for the snorkeling I want to do. Now now LR, don't get all excited. The cameras don't cost THAT much. I'm hoping to buy the Sealife DC 600 at the Sport Chalet Thursday.

If you'd like to see my attempts at planning a shot (unlike how I usually shoot), follow the link in the title above.