Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Photo A Day.

Here's the deal I'm making with myself. I am going to post a photo a day from now on.

I went out to shoot this morning. I've been curious about why in the last 9 days I continue to see 20 or more egrets hanging out in the trees by the lake in from of my office window. Yesterday I got the ah HA when I looked closer at what I thought was just play between the birds around the water's edge. They were mating. I can't stop watching out my window now.

This morning I woke up. It was cold. I entertained the thought of bundling up and going out to photograph the birds by the lake's shore. I ate breakfast instead. But I kept looking at the birds. I finally put on some warm clothes over my pjs and carried my tripod and camera out. Thank god the golfers hadn't teed off yet. 200 shots later I knew I didn't have one good shot. They should have been great but I could see in the LCD nothing looked crisp. Seeing the photos on my computer confirmed what I had suspected. CRAP. I deleted them all.

I worked, or tried to work, on some other things I needed to do but found myself setting up the tripod and camera again. This time it was the little birds coming to the bird bath just outside my window that caught my attention and heart. I set the camera up right by my computer. I put the shuttle release cable into the camera and continued working. The birds came back and I was ready. Click, click away. Lots of photos later, I uploaded the card to my computer. All out of focus. Damn.

By 3:30pm I hadn't exercised (AND I hadn't gotten much work done). I changed and left for a walk around the neighborhood. With my camera of course. I knew one of my upcoming classes was called - Reflections. So I walked down Turnberry where I knew I'd see lots of lakes. None of the water shots I took did it for me.

I walked down another street hoping the setting sun would reflect something interesting in the windows of the million dollar homes.
I found this shot. It took about 500 shots to get one.


Joanna said...

Beauty...I like it!

Susan Lowery said...


Unknown said...

Wow I love this shot...

Cindy Faith Swain said...

Hey Lind, don't quit your day job :) JUST JOKING. What a great picture!