Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cind and Lind being Cind and Lind

Cindy is here for the next couple of days. She is working on rejuvenating my files, creating homes for other files, CDs, stationary goods, envelopes of all sizes, cards photo paper, archiving in new boxes we'll put in the garage, etc.

But before work however, we must eat. Ray was kind enough to run to Maria's to buy us Baked Mostaccioli (homemade sausage, lean beef, fresh garlic, fresh basil, mozzarella, ricotta and imported cheese casserole, $9.95!). Both Cindy and I stopped eating with just enough left over for a tiny snack tomorrow. Ray finished his Mostaccioli!

During dinner it dawned on me I'd found my blog topic for the day. So out came the video camera. On take #3 I decided, "Print that take. It's a wrap."

This video is for our out of town friends.

Cindy and I miss you and love you.


Susan Lowery said...

This is wonderful, than you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love and miss you both, incredibly!



Unknown said...

YEA! I can hear the video. I love it. I believe everyone else will love it too. I hear the Film Festival is in Palm Springs. They are looking for two leading ladies...You go girls