Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Last night through tonight

photo 1- 5::00pm last night. A pose before the 3 of us - Me, Sandi, and Cindy head off to dinner before our 6:30 meeting.

photo 2- On our way to dinner last night, I noticed the color changing quickly. I hoped we'd make it to the intersection where I knew I have a better view of the color change. I stuck my camera out the window for this deeper-than-red-ever sunset.

photo 3- Today, Cindy sitting on the floor with her P-Touch working on the files. My mood picked up as Cindy got closer and closer to completely relabeling all of my files. Cindy did a great job. She and I also set up some new files in anticipation........of what?

photo 4- .....of the upcoming photography class I'll be starting while I'm away in the Bahamas!!! I'm so excited. And now I'm ready to walk through the fear of what others might think and begin to learn more. All of us (Carol's 25 students plus some auditing) were asked to introduce ourselves briefly and share our photography experience. From all the student's introductions I've been reading online (in this Yahoo Group our teacher Carol Leigh set up for us all) almost every one has taken Carol's classes more than once. I've checked out some of the other student's photo websites. They are REALLY good. And they still keep taking Carol's classes.

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Susan Lowery said...

Once again, love all of the photos.
Miss all of you so much!

Save a great tiem on your trip.