Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dreary day, dreary mood.

What I see in this photo: a golfer who hasn't transferred his weight in the follow through, a golfer who hasn't finished his turn. A cold golfer wearing more clothes than I normally see golfers wearing, a dreary day coming to an end, birds flying off to prepare for the evening doing whatever they do, dried out fairway grass and street lights on. It's 5pm.

It's not often you can't see the Mt. San Jacinto range. We rarely have bad weather here in the desert. We're spoiled. It seems the weather has affected my mood. Well, maybe I'm just seeing it that the weather is the cause of my mood. This cold is still hanging on. Ray and I walk around/sit around not saying much to each other. We stare. We eat. We sleep. I try to get ready for the upcoming Turks and Caicos trip. Any effort makes me break out in a sweat. How long has it been since I exercised? I'm nearing the 3 week point of not working out- they say after 3 weeks of not exercising you have lost much of your conditioning, the little conditioning I had before.

I showered around 10am thinking a shower would get me ready for the day. Ray and I went out to look for some sandal type shoes for me, pick up cash, buy lunch at Bouche's followed by a stop to buy some things at Trader Joe's:
the Jeffers' staple - Lite Popcorn, the best you've ever
had and this Lemon, Ginger, Echinacea drink. Poor Ray is not only sick from his cold, but he has a toothache and can't eat food. Now THIS is a problem.

At home, while reading the new underwater camera manual, I thought! -thinking is always a problem- some popcorn following lunch would be a good idea. Before the popcorn I'd been discouraged trying to figure out what clothes to take on the trip and having no luck in making decisions. After the popcorn I was convinced going to a tropical island where I'd have to be seen in a bathing suit was a ridiculous idea. I think, as I've been told countless times, I should stop thinking.

I feel behind the eight ball. (Here I go again, thinking!) What I mean is because I've been sick and not in my normal schedule, I have not been on top of what I need to get done in the day. I haven't written Susan's belated birthday card (I was waiting until I was in a better mood), I haven't called Dodi since I heard her husband died, I haven't gotten the window pane leaks repaired and we have rain, I know I have tons more to do on "that to do list" of mine that I haven't been willing to look at.

There are only a few days left before we drive to LA Thursday. We won't be driving back to the desert Thursday night as we usually do. Since our flight leaves Saturday at 6am we are staying over in LA. Cindy is coming in Sunday night. She is organizing my files Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is already a full day. Thursday we leave around noon. Maybe I'll go have some more popcorn and zone out and think about all this tomorrow.

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Dale N. Wing said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for taking the time to view the photos on my website I don't know what you are taking about your photograph, you definitely have a photographic eye, and if you haven't taken any class, then you have a very large innate photographic ability.