Friday, January 4, 2008

Eye patch

Just got back from the eye dr. I scratched my cornea unkowingly and have a patch over my painful left eye!

Computing is out today.

After getting back from LA last night at 11:30pm, I decided to stay up until 2:30qm.

I was startled awake this morning when I heard the cleaning people come in at 8:30am this morning. I must have scratched my cornea hurrying to get up out of bed!

Ray took me to a doctor Sandi found and made an appointment with. The Dr. says I'll be better by tomorrow. I'm on antibiotic drops once the patch comes later today or tomorrow. The pain is supposed to go away quickly.

To type this blog I am holding up a magnifying glass to check for errors. I have no depth perception. Weird feeling.

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The Work Organizer said...

Linda Lou - hope you're eye is doing better.