Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, ok, I am back.

The second photo unfortunately is NOT me.

Turks and Caicos was great. I only wish I were younger so I could have gone on the trapeze like some of the others. I also wish I'd known to bring the very specialized camera card for the new underwater camera. The SD cards I brought didn't fit. Snorkeling was wonderful but frustrating not being able to take photos.

We knew many of the speakers on the trip. It was wonderful hanging out with Vince and Pat Y.

The weather was perfect - sunny, breezy just like you'd expect and my skin finally felt normal from all the moisture and humidity.

The vacation required a vacation. We went non-stop all day long: walking, meetings, eating 3 sitdown meals a day, at the bar ordering and drinking like water Pina Coladas. I gained 3 pounds.

All in all it was a wonderful trip but now home, as you might suspect, I feel behind in all the to do's and projects. My photo class started the day before I left for the Bahamas. All week since I've been home, I've been reading all the critiques from the student's first and second assignments. This last week I probably shot 400 photos to get the 3 I posted here. Well, really the 2 I posted here. The beautiful young lady on the beach was supposed to be my example of the complementary colors orange and blue.

This is the photo I worked on for about 3 hours today. Setting up shots is something I've never done before. The photo would look ok in the camera preview, but once I uploaded the shots to my computer for viewing I noticed one book upside down, vertical and horizontal lines askew and inconsistent, unflattering lighting.

Off to bed to get some sleep before meeting some of the Mission Hills CC hikers for a 5 mile hike on the PCT tomorrow morning early. We'll head north from the I-10.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! finally you are back!! missed reading the blog!!! loved the picture of the pencils...I love the way you set them up and how you have yellow and purple also under the pencils...I love the idea...will love to hear your teachers comments...Alex..

Susan Lowery said...

Great photos Linda!

You've always been a great photographer, but now you're really gaining insight.



Joanna said...

Welcome home, I missed you and I missed your blog to you soon.