Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting back to the basics of my day.

Today is my sister Ginny's birthday. Happy Birthday Gin! How is it possible I have a sister 55 years old?
There are four of us Sher kids. The age order is: Me (the oldest), Don (2.5 years younger), Leila (6 years younger) and Ginny (8 years younger).

L-R: Ginny, Leila (my other sister)

Back to my newest obssession and love.......So there has been some online photography course dialog that I'd like to share (minus names of course). Now all of us students can see each others' work and critiques. The following correspondence was posted by someone in the class following something I'd posted online after I'd read my photo critiques:
"Okay, I knew it was time to stop when I started shooting the bubbles
on a raw egg. I have had SO much fun with this assignment, which was
perfect for an LA Sunday in Oregonian weather. And I second Linda
Jeffers' comment about not being able to put the camera down to get
back to real life! Now...the search is on to find some neon." (Neon lighting is our next assignment)

I, of course, wrote this person back saying, "I’m so embarrassed. I DID shoot the bubbles on the raw egg as one of my 3 Kitchen Art photos!" She replied to me saying that she had not seen my posted egg photo before she wrote what she did. I thought it was funny. I'm usually the one doing something like that.

Ok, one last photography related comment and then I'm really going to get into my day my REAL life....
Here is my friend Susan Lowery's result of play with my mechanical pencil shot. She is an ARTIST!
In two days, January 30th, my dear friend and sponsee, Celine, would have turned 20. She really wanted to make it to 20. I wanted her to "make it" for much longer....I miss her very much. I'll call her mate Cliff, and then I'll call my sponsor, Celine's 1st Grandsponsor and friend, Jane on the 30th.

Now I'm really going offline (HA!) to get my thoughts ordered and on paper in an outline to help me know what my next actions will be for the day and week. I WILL exercise today. I WILL. Really. I probably better do this now then.


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