Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Celine J.'s January 30, 1988 Anniversary

March 2007
Celine's Family of Women in Bend, Oregon March 2007
Cliff and Celine
Cliff and Celine

Celine and John

My Celiney,

I wish you a very Happy Anniversary on your 20 years today. I miss you more than I ever thought possible. You are always in my thoughts and always by my side in the meetings.

I love you,

(Your sponse and very, very good friend)


Susan Lowery said...

Here come the tears......



Unknown said...

Thanks for providing a history us with your photography. I felt like I was there. Because of you I had a relationship with Celine. I would not have known how important it is to stay in touch.. Thank you for your amazing example.