Saturday, December 15, 2007

Out the door and home with a question for you.

I got myself out the door. That was the hardest part. The hike I took this morning, into the hills south of Hwy 111 and north of the San Jacinto Range, was just what I needed even though my head toyed with me until 11am telling me it was too cold to go hike. Normally I just go out and exercise. Lately though, I don't seem to have the will to do it.
Hiking south east above Eagle Canyon.

Photo taken facing north from the same vantage point as previous photo. The city pictured is Cathedral City next to Rancho Mirage.

The top center of this 3rd photo is north.
Here is the question: What time of the day is it?


Joanna said...

My guess is 12:00 noon

Anonymous said...

No, joanna, it's 11:59. Gottago, that trail shot in the top photograph is amazing. It makes me want to be there and beat feet up the climb and see what is around the corner. Great photo. Lots of detail.