Sunday, December 2, 2007

7am hike with Debbie up bump & grind

Ray and I usually hike on Sundays but Ray wanted to go in the afternoon. I know what happens, come the afternoon and I am not in the mood to go out and exercise. I am a morning kinda exercise gal.
I had planned on going alone this morning until last night at St. Marguerite's I asked Debbie to go on a 7am hike. I know Debbie from PG.

Mt. San Jacinto on the left of the I-10 and Mt. San Gorgonio on the right behind Debbie.

Mt. San Gorgonio and the windmills.

Not a bad day........
10:00am had a massage
12:00pm Ray and I went to see No Country for Older Men. Great acting. But would someone please explain the point of the story?

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Susan Lowery said...

Hey Linda,

How cool, Debbie is in my class!

I bet you two had fun. It looks like your day was destined to be great.

I'm off to bed.