Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great start this morning.

Katie canceled and Stuart (18 years old and adorable) showed up for this Wednesday morning hike. Monday and Wednesdays I hike bump & grind with Katie at 5am. Last Monday we had two other people join us: Jessica - Katie's friend and Stuart - a grandbaby of Ray's.
Stuart stayed with me, walking backwards at times and putting back on his extra layer of clothing he taken off as he wasn't working hard enough I guess hiking my pace to stay warm. We had a great time on the downhill, much like on Monday's hike, we talked non stop. Who would have thought an almost (in 5 days!) 63 year old woman and an 18 year young man could have so much to talk about.

Then on my drive home from the hike, maybe around 6:50am, while talking on the phone with Cindy, I snapped off this photo.

Here is my daily agenda for yesterday and today. I email an agenda out to about 6 or 7 other ladies. They in turn email me their daily agendas. A good way to stay accountable and on track. Here is an example of what I sent out this morning:

Good morning ladies!

I’ve hiked, showered and am ready for the day. Bring it on. 7:30am.

Here is my recap of yesterday followed by my schedule for today.



TuesdayDec 18, 2007

7:30amStep phone call

10:30amannual physical appt.

12:30pmmake toes and nails appt for

1pmThings I want to accomplish make flight for Milly and me to Deb's birthday

2pmReview Ray's 30th birthday letters and photos to see if I have everyone's

3pmcall and make appt to have leaking in condo dealth with - condo dealth with

4pmwrite responses to flagged emails from friends

9pmblog a photo or something

Tuesday kind of had a life of its own.

Physical appt. – After waiting an hour I was brought back only to be told I would still have to wait more and I realized they didn’t have me down for a physical appt but just a regular appt. I said, “I’m not sick and don’t need to see the dr.”. I left. Waste of time.

Made appt for nails and toes that are cracked beyond belief due to lack of attention in weeks.

Made hair cut and color for Wed, today.

No. On Ray’s 30th.

No on leaking condo.

Went on an unscheduled hike with Ray. Checked out, timed and made notes as this is the hike I’m taking the newly formed Mission Hills Country Club Hiking club on Saturday morning. There are 5 of us going. Should be interesting.

Ray and I tried out new hamburger at Grill A Burger. Ummmmm good. Sweet potatoes fries not as good as fries at Living Desert. (Important fact)

Rest of night I never left my computer until I went to bed at 10:30: emails, photoshopped and uploaded new photos of hike to Flickr, worked on hiking club email list.

WednesdayDec 19, 2007

Forecast for 92270 (48° | 65°)

5amhike with Stuart

Daily Schedule, breakfast, blog.

9:30amleave for Dolls of the Valley Meeting

11:45 pmlunch with Sandi

Nails and toes

2pmDennis - hair color and cut

7pmwrite recap of Baby Meeting

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