Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Snow on Ray's Day

Last night while on my hands and knees with Ray, mopping up rain water from the kitchen/dining room floor, the electricity went out. Our first storm lasted most of the night. Thank goodness the pot of chili I'd made earlier in the day was still on the stove top. I lit candles, set the table and we dined at the dry end of the dining room and ate the chili. Ummm good.

But neither Ray nor I are very good when the electricity goes out. We've experienced this many times and every time we freak out with the discomfort of...what do we do now that all our normal distractions are no longer available: computer, TV, well lit reading. What did people do before the days of computer and TV? Being still and being quiet are the boogie men. Ray and I ate our dinner and then finally just got in bed.I guess people slept a lot more in the "old days".

The lights did finally come back on an hour later and we got up out of bed. It was only 8pm for goodness sake. I went to my computer. Ray went into the TV room.

The rain continued through out the night. Towels sopped up the rain water (now also coming in through the large office windows staining parts of the new wallpaper).

But, this morning, while at my desk, I looked up and out through the office windows and noticed the sun beginning to shine on first-snow-topped Mount San Jacinto. Beautiful!

While out photographing the first snow I noticed this little bird apparently taking in his own particularly special view this sunny drier morning.

I know you'll read this blog today Ray, so, Happy Birthday again!


pcthiker said...

Happy birthday, Ray! ODAAT.


Susan Lowery said...

Happy Bday Ray!!!!

Sending love and good wishes your way.

And, have super, duper day!