Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 1st Mission Hills Country Club hiking group hike.

Somehow I recently became a Spa Fitness Center Committee Meeting member here where I live. I think it was a trainer I worked with named Valeria that initially suggested I attend one of the committee meetings. Since I joined 2 months ago, the committee has been working on getting a few activity clubs going to help facilitate like minded club members meeting each other through forming clubs for hiking, biking, running, walking and strength training.

A "Kick-Off" meeting for all these newly formed clubs will be held Jan 6th. I learned that some of the other newly forming activity clubs have already begun meeting to bike or walk etc. So I sent out an email to members on the hiking sign up roster I received suggesting we go for a pre-launch hike.(Before the start of the "Kick-Off" meeting where we'll discuss the basics for our new hiking club.)

I was surprised to find a number of the members would have loved to participate in the 1st pre-launch hike I set for yesterday had they not been involved with holiday happenings. And I was over-joyed to hike with the members who showed up for this first ever MHCC hike.

For the first hike, not knowing anyone's experience level, I planned a relatively easy local 3.5 mile hike/700 feet elevation gain. I called the hike the Eagle Canyon Hike (near Von's). I was a bit worried how everyone would do and whether they would like the hike. A couple of days before I'd taken Ray on the hike to see his reaction. Thanks Ray!

Everyone loved the hike. Below is one of the photos I took while on our hike. I received many emails just like this one following the hike:


The hike was just wonderful and the company as well.
Thank you for putting it all together. Ernie and I look forward to the next one.
PS We also loved the pictures!!
(I emailed them some of the photos I'd taken.)

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