Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From MHCC Hiking Leader to MHCC Hiking Coordinator

This is where I initially fantasized I'd take all the MHCC members that just signed up on the hiking sign up sheet below. I am their fearful leader.

I photographed the sign up list on my way out of the MHCC Fitness Club Committee Meeting tonight. There is another half page of members who signed up to go hiking under this top sheet. That makes about 48 in total. Hmmm. This is going to be interesting. I am the hiking coordinator (before tonight, previously referred to as the hiking leader). I am worried, very worried about my $$$ liability taking these hikers out on the trail. We decided at the committee meeting being a coordinator is not really a leader. Well, that's fine for those who head up the running club, the walking club, the biking club (which rides in the MHCC complex, not on the streets). But I am taking people out of MHCC, not up to Mt San Jacinto, but out onto the trails where lots of things can happen to young, experienced hikers. Am I crazy?

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the local chapter of the Sierra Club having a release form for everyone to sign who took one of their hikes. Maybe yours will, too.