Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My friend JJ is great.

This entry is my friend JJ's Blog December 11th entry that I copied and pasted here. I also copied and pasted my comment to his post. JJ's blog entries often address what he is doing to prepare himself physically for his 2008 PCT thruhike.

I like his blog better than mine. So, I'm using his blog entry here today.

Too Much to Eat
December 11th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Celebrate with food. Who does not do that? I just thought that the preceding question is similar to a child’s saying, “Well, everybody else was doing it.” Hmm. Sixty-four years old and still thinking like a kid. Anyway, yesterday was fun. Mark came over from San Francisco and Maria from Berkeley, and we had a marvelous lunch at Huynh Vietnamese Restaurant. This was after an office party and Elaine’s famous lemon pound cake. And Ed, knowing I did not want to go out last night, brought Persian food his wife had made. People really do celebrate with food. It was a wonderful day for me. My brother and other friends called, including my sister-in-law, Jane.

Very little walking.

Okay, today is the first day of my sixty-fifth year. Seems exciting to me. I am so very glad to be on the planet. Now back to counting calories.

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1 gottago // Dec 13, 2007 at 12:12 am

Ray and I will be in swim suits in Turks and Cacos Jan 12 for a week. A couple of weeks ago we made a deal and started dieting to lose weight to look better in front of friends who will also be there. Not for ourselves but for what the friends will think. God bless vanity. The more I diet, the more I want to eat.

Today we celebrated with food twice: First when I bought a huge tub of red vines in Staples. (Who has a slip in Staples?) Then Ray came home with Starbucks Coffee Java Chip because I was feeling sick and he’d had oral surgery yesterday and is limited in what he can eat. So we celebrated that we’d found two plausible excuses for indulging with ice cream - something we rarely eat, but love. Ray remembered from last year when my sister Leila brought home her all time favorite ice cream – Starbucks Coffee Java Chip. He has been in obsession since that time.

I had no choice but to eat the ice cream - you can’t decline a gift from your honey.
And besides, the extra fat makes my wrinkles fill out a little. Phew, sure glad I thought of that rationalization. I feel better now.


What chance do you think we have with our "diet" when our freezer looks like this?
Ray will probably kill me for this post. But that's ok...He already bought me my birthday and Xmas presents today in Staples. And the red vines were not part of the present!


Joanna said...

I like JJ's site too, in fact I think I am in love with him!....
Love the photo of the freezer, it is a good example of how we live our lives, healthy fruit juice bars on the bottom shelf, yummy "evil" Icecream on the top shelf...front and center. Did not know starbuck had an ice cream, I will have to try it...

Anonymous said...

You have to love vanity! Just knowing that I, too, will be in a bathing suit this time next month frightens me! Along with a month of fasting, I think I should hit the tanning bed as I don't look like a lobster at the end of the trip! Looking forward to the vacation and am glad you and Ray are going to be there!

Anonymous said...

Linda, you are so amazing. Every day. Every single one. And, Joanna. Many thanks for them kind words, ma'am.

lamont said... kinda forgot to mention the Turks and Caicos trip to your finance guy!! Soooo....when are you back on the trail?

gottago said...

LR, No I didn't forget to mention the Turks and Caicos trip...I asked you to come....this is the Club Med trip.Remmmmmmmmember now?
In April I'll stop spending money.

lamont said...

no, sorry i don't remember, but if it happened before Tuesday, that isn't surprising.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only crazy one that freezes balance bars. I love it!