Thursday, October 18, 2007

What I learned....

What I learned over the last few days:

  • Never mess with upgrading anything on your computer the night before you are headed out of town.
  • That spending the night at friends’ houses is really fun.
  • Treating myself and Ray to a nice hotel room makes me feel good.
  • Getting dressed and going out at night is much more fun than what my head says earlier in the day.
  • Taking good photos doesn’t happen unless I take my time and pay attention.
  • Taking good photos won’t happen unless I learn more about the works of a camera.
  • Keeping a blog is fun.
  • I won’t be able to backpack unless I start training my body soon.
  • Hanging at borders, on my computer, free to play, explore, induldge in whatever I want, is heaven.
  • I was right to be excited about being with all the people I got to spend time with on this 4 day trip into LA.
  • Life is realllllly good!


The Work Organizer said...

I love lists :)

gottago said...

You LOVE I love um!
L, Lind