Monday, October 22, 2007

An off day.

I'm having an off day.

It's 3:59 pm and I'm still in my pjs. I started and stopped about 10 different tasks. I couldn't find any energy. I did what I always do when I can't seem to get started......I sat at my computer all morning. Playing.

Around 1pm Ray finished golf, came home and turned on the TV. I found it difficult to not join him in watching all the horrible news of the many southern CA fires.

Last night I'd called my brother Don to find out if the Malibu fires were close to him. He said the fires were 6 miles away, thank goodness. Today, I called Taye and Angela. They both live near two other fires in the San Fernando Valley. Then Donna and Jeff Saufley had someone post on the PCT L online digest that they were safe. We hikers were worried about them. Donna and Jeff are well known, much loved, PCT trail angels whose home and yard is open to all hikers when they pass through Aqua Dulce along the PCT.

I went out to try a photo lesson that had been suggested I try to determine why I'm not having great results with my macro lens. After uploading the new test photos I was again disappointed. I didn't have any better luck than I'd had the day before photographing the bougainvillea. I'd set the aperture for aperture priority and took 10 or more photos of the same flower, in the same position, at different f-stops. I couldn't tell much difference between the change in f-stops. My back is stressed from the hour of holding the camera yesterday, so I stopped feeling I'd wasted time. But at least I did what I said I was going to do.

I received a phone call from Sherali asking me to pick her up before our meeting tonight so I better go get out of the pjs, shower and get to first pick up Sandi and then Sherali. I am the Grapevine representative at the Monday night meeting. I give a report each week so I better look through the magazine so I'll have something interesting to share during my report.

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