Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photos of living room for a magazine.

Yesterday Roberta, the woman who designed and decorated our home, came by with her adorable assistant, Robin, to meet the photographers who did a shoot of the living room and master bedroom for a magazine. While the photographers were setting up all their expensive and extensive photo equipment and lighting, I snapped off this photo of our living room. I asked the professional if he would send me a finished .jpg which I'll later post. I was very interested in watching how much time and energy they spent positioning and repositioning all the lighting equipment.

My shot was taken on the heels of their lights having gone off for one of their shots. Taylor took time to explain how he added lighting to shadowed areas and blocked light flare. I have such a hunger to learn. I initially was dreading people coming into our home. But I ended up having a good time watching and experiencing their techniques.

Oh, the table and lamp on the right of photo were brought to stage the scene as I still haven't filled that space yet with the right table and lamp.

Pictured left to right is Robin, Roberta, and the photographers, Kyle and Taylor, studying one of a few test Poloroid photos Taylor takes to make sure the lighting, room staging and composition are right before taking the picture with the large format film camera.

Walking to the gym this morning, I had to stop and take this photo. I couldn't believe this person parked on, and unconsciously damaged, the grass to save HIS car from getting scratched by the car to his left. Selfish self-centeredness… "That, we think, IS the root of our trouble!"

Ray just read my blog and said, "Maybe the guy who parked on the grass had to park where he did because a previously parked car to the left might have been parked over his right line leaving little room for the guy on the grass to park." Personally, I doubt that scenario. But I felt guilty enough,I blurred out his license plate number!


pcthiker said...

"I have such a hunger to learn."

I love this, Linda. And I understand. There are so many wonderful, amazing things about this planet. And we have so little time. It's fun for me to watch your journey with photography, as you pick up ways to record the beauty you see. Thanks for sharing it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Ditto regarding the parking of this silly car! I too am amazed sometimes by how unconscious folks are. Let's all try to do better,
watch how, when and where we affect others. It is an incredible world and the more conscious we all are, the cooler it is!

Congrats on your awesome photography. I still get compliments on the shots
you did for me.

Love always,