Sunday, October 14, 2007

Away for a few days.

I'll be away until late Thursday night.
Milly and me.

Tomorrow morning I drive to the San Fernando Valley, pick up Milly, speak at a meeting, have lunch with great friends, drive to my friend Natalie's in Hollywood, spend the night with her hopefully get to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Natalie and my hubby, Ray.

Then I wake up and meet with Alima in Burbank. I've never been to her house and am looking forward to our visit. Fun!

At 1pm I meet up with Quincy for some more fun and maybe hike up killer hill in the Santa Monica mountains were I hiked regularly before moving from Tarzana a year and a half ago. At 7pm I attend a meeting at Quincy's home. I'll spend the night in her daughter Sienna's room.

Tom, Nicholas, Quincy, and Sienna.

(Here are some of the women who will be at the meeting)

A morning hike will be in order as Quincy lives 2 minutes from great hiking in the Santa Monica mountains. Then I check in to the Marriott Hotel. Milly and I have plans to see a movie before Ray arrives to join me at our hotel.

Later, Ray and I have plans for dinner with Tom and Quincy at La Va Lei before the evening entertainment. Quincy's friend Alexandra is performing at the restaurant around 8:30!

Thursday Ray and I will enjoy sleeping in. At 1pm I have a dentist appointment. Possibly we'll see a movie before I meet with the women and Ray meets with the men for dinner before the evening meeting.

At 9:30pm Ray and I drive the two hours back to our home in Rancho Mirage.

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