Sunday, October 28, 2007

Afternoon hiking shots

I've been glued to the computer, mostly planning my hike in spring. I read 2007 hiker updated posts on CDT trail conditions on the CDT L online digest. I go to old posts and sort by subject. Right now I'm reading all about water availability in New Mexico.

I'm not sure heading out to hike New Mexico is such a good idea. Seems it is the season for high winds. Yuck. I'm undecided now what to do. To be determined.

Nevertheless, having this goal to backpack next season helps keep me honest with exercising daily...well most days. At 2:15pm today, I was about to talk myself out of going out to exercise until I remembered that I'd posted my exercise spreadsheet on my blog. Not that anyone probably ever reads it but JUST IN CASE I didn't want to look bad! So I went in to the TV room, where Ray resides for as much of the day as I do on the seated at my computer, and said, "Let's go exercise." I got the look, you know, the one that says, "You've got to be kidding. If we were going to exercise, why didn't we do it earlier. I'm all settled in."

He said, "Ok, but first let me go hit some balls and putt a bit." (I noticed the 1000th new putter, with the Roger Dunn price tag still on it, resting against the couch, where Ray had been practicing his putting on the carpet.) I agreed. We left the house around 2:45pm headed for our local Bump & Grind hill. Elevation is about 1000 feet up. We turn around and hike back down the same way. It's mostly a cardio workout because it's not that long...maybe a little over a mile up. It took me 37 minutes with a light backpack to reach the top (I'm not fast).

On the way down I played with my camera. The light was pretty. My shadow was sooooo long.

Here are some shots from our dayhike.


Joanna said...

I know that look well....happy to see Ray got up did it!

gottago said...

I was glad "I" did it!

This morning Ray showed me his list of pounds lost since he made a decision to lose weight...8lbs! Not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Ray on the trail.

gottago said...

Ray enjoys the uphill but the downhills cause pain in his hip. So we don't hike very often. Sundays are our Bump & Grind days.