Thursday, October 25, 2007

Katy's Email

I received the following email last night from my friend and transcriber Katy. I should be transcribing for her. I love the way she writes: (And...I did ask Katy if I could post this.)

Just found your blog! How wonderful to be able to keep up with you this lead such a full and interesting life.
If I had a blog it would read: woke up at 5:30 am and said a bad word to my clock radio. Finally dragged myself out of bed (still in the dark - I miss the long days of summer -sigh) at 6:15 and rushed like a crazy person getting ready to get to work on time. Forgot to comb my hair (again) so I tried to braid it while warming up the car. Drive too fast to get to work on time. Barely make it - don't know why I worry, since no one cares and I always work late anyway. Oh yeah another day at work. Blah. Stay late. Drive home. Eat. Get on-line and read my dear friend Gottago's interesting and wonderful blog. Shower. Go to bed. Repeat above all week. Weekend: sleep in! Laundry. food shop. get things ready for the next week. My life is too exciting...

Anyway Linda -
I'm really delighted to see that the CDT is happening again!!! Hooray!!! Do I get to transcribe for you?????
I had a really good hike in the Grand Canyon. I felt strong and hiked well (for me). I think it marked my return as a hiker feels good to be back.

Katy in the Grand Canyon (Katy's trail name-Goslowgofar)

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pcthiker said...

Oh gosh, Katy looks great. Marvelous. How nice to go to your blog and see Katy's picture staring at me.