Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fire smoke fills the Coachella Valley

Ray and I walked over to the club to workout yesterday afternoon. Ugh. My chest felt heavy. The smoke from all the fires has filled our area as the result of changed wind directions. Hiking or doing any physical exercise outside is out of the question. The news reports the smoke will clear in another day.

While walking the 15 minutes back to our condo from the gym, I took the photo above. The light from smoke was intense.

While sitting at my computer (so what's new) I got up and went outside to photograph this colorful sunset. Normally we see the San Jacinto mountains in the background. Not with all this smoke in the air. We've lost our incredible view, a view so pretty, I spend way too much time looking at the mountains during the day.

What's New:
1. Some of my friends have websites - I've posted links to them in the right hand menu.
2. When I asked Cindy what she liked about my blog she answered "reading people's comments". Cindy figured out an easier way to read all comments on one post without having to scroll down....In the Blog Archives to the right, click on a Post Title which will open. All comments for that post are listed at the end of the page.
3. I love getting comments! Feel free to post one, two or three.

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