Friday, October 26, 2007

Saturo's Family and Ray at Meeting

What a nice surprise to find Saturo, Kazue and their baby at the Thursday Night Meeting. Kazue and Saturo moved back to Japan a couple of years ago.

I sure miss hearing his shares. He always made me laugh.

Last night before leaving the meeting I took photos of Ray with some of his sponsees and his sponsor, Jim. Ray's 30th birthday is December 1st. For a gift, I'm trying to collect photos of the special men in Ray's life. The photos will be placed on a page as part a birthday book. The person's photo page will also contain their recorded ("neatly typed up:)") old memories, stories, etc. with/of Ray.

Hey, why I am thinking this book should only be from the special men in Ray's life? Why not from all the special people in Ray's life? Oh my, am I creating a lot of work for myself with this new thinking. Also, Alima told me the company who puts all the gathered page text and photos together limits the number of pages in the books to 50 (using both sides makes the total 100 people may be included). What if there are more than a hundred people who want to write something to Ray? I know I'm crazy believing if I asked 100 people to write something all 100 would respond. So maybe I should open this up to men and women. I think I better call Alima, the voice of reason, and run this by her. I stay stuck in inaction when I don't have clarity! Help!
Any ideas/thoughts?

Did I forget to mention how much I love the book I was given by my sponsees on my 20th birthday?


Anonymous said...

I think the book is an awesome idea and you shouldn't have any problem finding 100 people to respond! I say go for it!

Karen R.

gottago said...

Thanks Karen. Alima has convinced me I should allow anyone, men or women to sign Ray's book. She also thinks I should take my time and not feel I need to get it ALL done by his birthday. So I no longer feel pressured. L, L.