Monday, April 6, 2009

Our online Photo Class online gallery .

Our photo teacher, Carol Leigh, puts together a gallery of our work following each class. Here is an email she just sent out:

I created an online gallery of your work at my website and it's up and ready for you to see. Here's the link (to view class
#7, with lessons in straight lines, spirals, garage art, fish, motion, and symmetry):

What I did was select three images from each of you, trying to pick what I thought were your best. (That explains the feeble showing in the "Garage Art" section!)

Thank you for making this yet another successful online class.

Carol Leigh

We did good, didn't we?

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Susan Lowery said...

Hi Linda,

I loved the photos in the gallery, what an exciting showing!

I would love to show these to the kids in my Art classes to "bring home" the Elements & Principles of Art.

Beautiful stuff, thank you for putting up the link.