Thursday, April 16, 2009

A 100% morning.

Walked to the 6:50am Xizer class at the gym this morning. The 15 minute walk warms me up for this upper and lower body class. Then, what I really like about walking over to the class (rather than driving) is I walk home and play with the Canon PowerShot A650 IS handheld camera that goes with me everywhere. It was a beautiful morning and I felt 100%.
Mt San Gorgonio beyond the MHCC Clubhouse.

Lingered out on the 15th fairway outside our place hoping to see Mr and Mrs Geese and their 6 new babies when I spotted this 100 yard marker reminding me I can have a 100% day anytime I want.

I've been hoping for, and not so patiently waiting, the major camera companies to put a rotating LCD on their "real" cameras. The rotating LCD allows me to take photos without having to bend over and risk my back going out. Everyday I visit hoping to find a new model "real" camera with a rotating LCD. While on Scott Kelby's site which I also daily visit, I found this on his April 14th blog entry: Nikon Announces New D-5000 DSLR with HD Video, Swivel Screen, and More!

LR, better put some more money in my account. tee hee! (The camera is supposed to be available at the end of April - too late for the upcoming New Mexico hike.)

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lamont said...

LR, if the camera is not available for the hike...then the heck with them..they can just keep that darn thing! (Pshhaw, can't even get it to the market timely...probably wouldn't focus either).