Friday, April 17, 2009

Fearless baby geese.

Ray is in LA until tomorrow. He stayed over Thursday and tonight for two speaking engagements. Not having my normal making dinner...which I have no interest in doing when Ray isn't here...left me wandering outside around 6pm. I've wanted to see how close I could get to the Geese family. I got close. They obviously were already quite habituated to people.

I shot the photos below with my Canon 40D and 70 - 300mm lens on a tripod. I used live view and zoomed to 5X trying to get the geese in focus. Boy, you have to work fast with moving subjects. You also have to know your camera well to move fast. I see I need to go out more often with this particular lens and with my larger camera in general. Not many of the photos I took were in focus. I'm thinking I should never zoom all the way to 300mm if I want an in focus shot.

I was shooting just outside our condo which means I was on the 15th fairway. Thank goodness only one foursome of golfers played this hole during the half hour I was out with the geese. I hid behind a narrow tree as the golfers took their 3rd shots to the green. One of the golfers noticed me hiding behind the tiny tree in line with his shot and was polite enough to not curse me out for his duffed approach shot.

The night was balmy, just the perfect Palm Springs weather. I understand we'll be in to 3 digit temperatures by the weekend.

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