Sunday, April 12, 2009

A non-productive fun day.

I got up at 9:40am this morning! 9:40am. I remember going to bed around 10pm thinking that I would gift myself the process of waking up and not racing out of bed. I did wake a number of times this morning, but never looked at the clock. It's funny but I have this old idea, that obviously isn't so old, that I waste most of the morning sleeping so late. I love the feeling of getting up early and getting lots done before the day really starts. But I must acknowledge I did enjoy waking and rolling over back to sleep this morning.

Ray and I were couch potatoes today. We sat in front of the TV and watched the Masters. I don't ever watch TV during the day. Again, I'd feel unproductive and guilty not "doing". But I'd be remiss to not acknowledge I had a ball watching Tiger and Mickelson and Perry.

An hour after the golf Ray and I went for a walk. While on our walk I shot some photos. Here are a few:
This statue always gets me. I asked Ray to pose next to this statue of a man on a bench with an allegator under it.

See Lane, I may not have sat outside for an hour the other day as you suggested, but I did give myself some "rights" today.