Friday, April 10, 2009

I need a nap.

I had my regular Friday afternoon massage. I was relaxed and in a dream-like state when I pulled in to the Bed and Bath store.

On my way to check out, a man and woman passed. The man, looking at me, said, "I need a nap too." His wife chuckled. I thought, did I just yawn? Why are they saying that to me. Do I look THAT tired? I was hurt. I was confused. Then I was mad. How dare he!

I thought to myself, let me remember to never say to someone "You look tired. Or, you must be tired." I kept wondering why he thought I look so tired. I went on a trip in my head about how old and tired I must look to others anymore. I wasn't a happy camper.

The lady at the check out counter handed me back my credit card. I was trying to fit the credit card back into my wallet when she said, "I need a nap too. That's a great t-shirt."

She had no idea why I smiled so broadly and looked so relieved.
Duh. That's what that man meant.

I snapped off the photo below while waiting in line to check out of Bed and Bath. On April 7th Katya had posted this blog entry about muffin tops. I never knew what a muffin top was before I read her blog.

Once I bought a yellow car. From then on all I saw was how many yellow cars there were on the road.

Well, now all I see are muffin tops.


~verna said...

Love your post. Firstly, I take naps so I could use a shirt like that. Secondly, I found out about muffin tops a few years back and must say that I am in fear of developing one ;) Wanna let you know that you have been surfed. Drop on by my blog to see what that means for you:
Thanks, Verna and thanks for the chuckles.

Katya said...

Linda - I am laughing so hard right now! That is hilarous - the nap and the muffin top! OK I have to get that purse sized camera, it's now officially necessary.
Love U!

lamont said...

LJ, Great photo of a muffin top! Go take a nap.
More to follow....

Unknown said...

Is that a Quincy t-shirt? I need 2 of those - one for me, one for Jocelyn! :) xoxox