Thursday, April 9, 2009

“if you don’t put the big rocks in first, you won’t get them in."

Reading Carol Leigh's post on our Yahoo Alumni Group site this morning, motivated me to visit Leslie Avon Miller's blog.
In Leslie's "About Me" section on her blog she has written: "I am a collage artist who’s question is “I wonder what would happen if I…?”

Thoughts that came to me after reading the question “I wonder what would happen if I…?”:
1. I don't have the time to even consider this question?
2. Why try, you aren't creative.
3. I'll feel frustrated when I try something and realize I don't know how to do "it".
4. People will think "it's" stupid.
5. I don't have an original idea.
6. I have to finish my to-do list first.
7. When I'm old and can't do other things, I'll try.........

Beliefs on the page look very different than they do in my head.

I keep saying I'll schedule myself into the day....I say, This week I'll block out 2 hours and actually use the multitude of photography tutorials available to me on Scott Kelby's website.... Tutorials I signed up for, I'm charged for as they are auto deducted monthly, and I don't make use of them. That's just plain insanity because I really want to watch the video tutorials on Adobe Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 2, and many, many other available tutorials.

Leslie's blog got my attention. People motivate me. I know that about myself. Of myself, I am lazy, an excuse maker, a rationalizer and addicted to reading about others work/art online, instead of doing my own work. I do end up feeling motivated viewing the incredible art others create. I seem to have good intentions and then the phone rings, I get distracted by one task, then another and another, and I'm off and running, forgetting my desires and feeling sad I don't have more time in the day. You know, the old, poor me.

Time is precious. I deserve. Somehow I have to learn to start saying yes to Linda. I've always thought I needed to learn to say no to others. I've not ever thought about saying yes to Linda. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if this will work. I'm always telling others, "My happiness is my responsibility."
To be continued............(as my friend LR says)

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Lane said...

Five things that won't kill me if I Blow Them Off Today are...

What are you gonna cut Mom?
You're the boss!
See if you can find somewhere to sit for one hour (outside) TODAY!, and listen to the sound of nothing. It's quite loud.

Love you Mom, Lane