Sunday, April 19, 2009

A balmy night walk around the block with the Canon Powershot A640.

Ray probably thought he was safe going out for a walk at night with me. You see, during the day I usually stop and take way too many photos and Ray usually just walks on leaving me to whatever it is that has my attention.

Today it was near 100 here. We knew this morning we'd be doing our exercise after the sun went down.

The night was so balmy. The walk went by so fast. I was fascinated with shooting hand held photos of the night lighting when the shutter was open for a full minute. Trying to get an in focus shot was out of the question but I still was curious what the photos would look like. I had the ISO set to 800.

We're walking on Inverness Drive and I'm shooting back across the 15th fairway lake to our home (the house with the palm tree growing out of it!). I used a 100% sepia photo filter in Photoshop to hide a tiny bit of the noise or excessive graininess.

Ray is already back home when I shot this photo of our street. Our home is at the end of this cul-de-sac. I actually sat down on the street pavement trying to get as much as I could of the lighted tall palm trees.

I entered our courtyard and began shooting the lit cactus. Almost ready to go inside, I noticed my shadow. I never pass up a shadow photo op. I even posed, turning my head to the right to get a good shadow outline of my profile, while I'm holding the camera out away from me with my left hand, trying to check to see if I'm actually framing myself properly in the LCD. I'm glad the neighbors can't see into our courtyard. On more than one occasion I have been accused of self obsession. But the neighbors don't need to see it. After I got this shot and I came out of my shooting blackout, I looked to see if Ray had been watching me. Nope. He was at work on his new Lenovo Thinkpad T500 probably shopping for, yes, another putter. 'Cause you know, like a new camera will make me a better photographer, Ray is on a never ending search for the newest and bestest putter. Every day! Oh, Ray isn't going to like that I wrote this.

Look how long my pony tail is getting.

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lamont said...

Understandable on the search for a new putter. But the old familiar skill testing camera without all the expensive, exasperating, cluttery that's the way to go.!!