Sunday, April 20, 2008

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This will be my last entry on this blog until I return from my backpack. Future blogs will be made to my journal.

The time has come to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. So, instead, I’m writing this email and sending it out a bit early (so I won’t get too emotional).

I am leaving town on April 25th and will be away until I return the beginning of July. I’m going backpacking on the Continental Divide Trail. The CDT runs through
4 states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. I’ll be backpacking the state of New Mexico northbound, starting in the bootheel of NM, at a southern trail starting point called Crazy Cook Monument.

I will be hiking with a trail friend named LaZorra. We will begin our northbound hike on April 30th. Just before LaZorra leaves the trail to return to work, another friend, TrailDad (Roy Robinson), will join me around May 26th for the remaining 5 weeks of my backpack.

TrailDad and I will head into southern Colorado, if snow levels aren’t too high. Another option would be to skip up to southern Wyoming and hike the Great Divide Basin.

My Website
I have a website called Gottago’s Adventure Site. Check it out. You’ll find previous backpacking trips/journals and of course my current hiking trip itinerary, journal, mail drop list, trail links and guestbook (which I hope you sign).

Direct trail journal link

I always keep a journal when I long distance backpack. My journal is linked on my website from another site where the journal is posted or you follow my journal from the direct link on -

Contacting me
Email: I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a line and keep me up to date with what is going on with you or just to say HI using this email address: gottago at (I will only be able to receive and send email when I’m in a town, approximately every 5 to 6 days).
Letter: please place the following on the envelope:
In lower left corner:
Hold for PCT Hiker: Linda Jeffers
ETA: (put day, month and year here)
Phone: I’ll have my cell phone. (Keep in mind, I’m exhausted when I arrive in town and most of my time is spent eating, doing laundry, sleeping and getting my next trail segment food needs ready.)

Thank you for following along with me on my unfolding journey of life.

Love and will miss you,

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Anonymous said...


My hope for you on this hike is that it is filled with many smiles, laughter and much love. May God watch over you during your travels. Know that you will be missed.

I love you!