Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 14 and what is this black form where baby's wing should be?

Ray won't let me call the baby hummingbird Babette.

I've been noticing Baby doesn't ever really stand up and flap or use its wings. The mass or black form that is visible in this photo has me concerned. Ray says, "I'm crazy." But I think maybe Baby is deformed. Would that be horrible? How the hell will it ever be able to fly if it only has one wing? What is Mama going to do with Baby if she doesn't fly? What ARE WE going to do with Baby if she doesn't fly?

I'm glad I won't be around to have to witness this if it happens.

Mama didn't sleep in her nest last night. I think Mama is too young to be a good Mama.

And where the hell is the egg? One day it is just missing. I looked on the ground and saw no evidence of a shell knocked out of the nest. Mama couldn't pick the egg up in her beak. So.........I think Ray plucked the egg out of the nest. I can't believe Ray anymore when it comes to animals. Remember when he didn't tell me about Babette and all the feathers he found? I think Ray did something with the egg because he was afraid Baby was going to fall out of the nest while getting on top of the egg.

What do you think?

P.S. I just told Ray what I wrote in this blog. He swears he didn't take the egg out. I believe him.


The Work Organizer said...

I think baby will fly!

Susan Lowery said...

What an incredible grouping of photos. The "Hummingbird Series!"