Thursday, April 3, 2008

First 9+ mile hike and first hike with NEW pack. (Yes, LR, a new pack!)

I've not been training like I have in the past before a hike. Today's hike was a 2100 foot climb up local Murry Hill. Temperature was thankfully no higher than 82. I carried about 25 pounds of weight in the new Osprey backpack I bought at A16 in LA before the Baby Meeting. The hike was hard for me but I did it and without injury.

I always use my McHale backpack on hikes but was curious to see if my back pain would be less carrying the Osprey. I was surprised to find I liked the feel of how the Osprey carried the weight. I've always believed a McHale pack was the only pack for me because the pack transfers weight to my hips so well. I can't have any weight on my shoulders or I really hurt. The Osprey kept the weight off my shoulders and felt quite comfortable. So I'll try the Osprey again and with more weight in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking the Osprey works better in how I seem to have more space to pack up my goods inside. I attached the tent on the outside of the pack where one end slides into a side pocket. Keeping a wet tent on the outside makes sense. I can set up my tent without having to open up and go through gear in my pack if it is raining. I also like that the lower zippered portion of the pack has a very easily accessible and roomy sleeping bag compartment, separated from upper backpack gear by a fabric shelf.

Mt San Gorgonio north of the I-10 Freeway (Almost a 1000 feet higher than San Jacinto.)

New pack.

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lamont said...

Now that's a pack...only missing the requisite patch on the lid!!