Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby is getting rambunctious.

Baby is out growing her nest. Mom has built up one side of the nest recently.

Baby has a pattern I've discovered. I've watched her so much that I know when Mama is coming to feed her. I go out and stand very, very quietly 3 feet away and shoot photos as Mama is landing.

Ray gets mad at me for going outside so much. He thinks I'm going to scare Baby into flying off before Baby is ready to fly. I think Baby is going to fly within the next few days. Baby flapped her wings today to keep herself from losing her balance now that she courageously stands perched on the top side of the nest.

Mama comes to the rescue now that Baby is so cocky. Mama is very strict and I get a kick out of catching her beat Baby down in her nest anyway she can.

Mama comes at the same time everyday to shade Baby from the hot sun. Then I get to photograph Mama's beautifully colored back feathers. Baby has some green in her back now too.

And there are fewer and fewer times when Baby sits still with Mama. Ray and I are going to be very sad to see our Baby fly away.

Any bets on which date she'll take flight?
If Baby doesn't fly away soon, I'll never get ready for this trip.

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