Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby is gone and out on her own.

Earlier in the day I could tell Baby was practicing and getting close to flying off.

Today is the first day she really practiced flapping her wings.

Mama is in Baby's nest looking up at Baby on the condo stucco wall.

Mama was freaking out. Mama repeatedly tried to get Baby off the wall. Mama got on Baby's back and pecked Baby and then tried prying Baby off the wall with her feet.

Mama also feed Baby while Baby was on the wall. Baby must have been exhausted.

Ray spotted Baby as Baby left her nest. He said,"Baby is on the condo wall." I went for my camera. I spent the next 1.5 hours taking photos. I shot some movie too. Tired and off the bed now. But I someday hope to put together a photo essay of Baby and Mama.

Baby flew up on the roof of the Condo and Mama followed her. 37 days from egg to flight.

Bye bye Babette. (See Emily, I still call Baby Babette even though Ray didn't want me too.)


The Work Organizer said...

I hope you do a photo essay someday! What great pictures. I can't believe you got one of Mama with her wings still!

Anonymous said...

I've loved following Baby's life so far. The photos you have taken have been so beautiful.