Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First day of the pro/am at the Kraft Nabisco Tournament here at MHCC.

Morgan Pressel

Lorena Ochoa - the #1 top ranked woman golfer in the world.

Today while out on a walk carrying my backpack with Ray, we ran into Lorena Ochoa on the 4th tee box of the Palmer Course. I could not resist asking her if she'd mind Ray taking a photo of her with me. She's so nice with everyone. She agreed. Had this been during tournament play on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I would never have bothered her.

Then Ray and I spotted Morgan Pressel. I patiently waited for Morgan and her amateurs to finish on the green and then asked Morgan for a photo. I've never been able to ask for an autograph or photo in the past.

Didn't Ray take a couple of great photos? He's good!


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! I've never mustered up the courage to even say hi, much less ask for an autograph. You give me hope for that day when I run into Tony Romo!

Susan Lowery said...

So cool!

lamont said...

not something you see at most golf tournaments.....a loaded McHale pack. Dan would be proud.
Ray took some great shots!!!

Anonymous said...

Just look at you!