Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby has lots of feathers.

Baby is habituated to me. I am an ever present presence. I talk to Baby. Baby knows my voice, my camera lens in its face and Baby feels safe but somewhat confused by me.
Baby has feathers which means it isn't going to be long now, maybe a week, before Baby takes flight.
I can't imagine how two babies could fit in this small nest.

I must have clicked off 100 photos today. Everytime I passed the glass window, Baby or Mama were doing something so cool it had to be photographed. I spent many hours today distracted and very interested by new behaviors.

Mama lands midday to shade Baby from the hot sun that shines directly on Baby around 1pm. Mama spreads her tail feathers and wings very wide to shield Baby from the direct heat of the sun.

I will eventually upload a lot more of the photos I've taken to but I haven't the time now. I'll post when I've uploaded photos to Flickr. I hope to do a photo essay of Baby from beginning to end too. But not until I return from my trip.

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Joanna said...

Looks like baby is going to be okay, what a wonderful inside view your camera has captured of the life of the elusive hummingbird. I look forward to seeing all of your photos. Love you, Joanna