Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Many of you have heard me talk about the PCT Class bandanas I make up every year. You've also heard me mention the ADZPCTKOP hiking weekend I attend before the current year PCT hikers hit the trail.
Well, click on this link below to see a photo of me in action on the ADZ website and learn more how the tradition of gifting the Class bandanas began.

P.S. Baby is doing ok, I think. I'll take another photo soon and post it for you to see how Baby has grown in size and how many feathers she has now.

I read more about baby hummingbirds. Ray and I thought Mama was neglecting Baby at night by not sleeping in the nest any longer. But what I learned is that a certain point in Baby's development Baby begins to be able to generate her own body warmth and no long needs Mama to sit on top of her.

I also read that the baby's self defense is that she knows not to peep and make noise for Mom. That's why Baby is so unanimated! Duh.

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Joanna said...

Linda, that is so cool, I love the way you "give back" in all areas of you is inspiring!
Thanks for the baby bird update. love you, Joanna